John 6:1-15 Jesus feeds the 5,000 (plus women & children).

Give God Time.

Prayer and Praise.

Jesus said, “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” Matthew 26:40, so we start our journey of giving God time to work in us, by praying this hymn Praise, my soul the King of heaven… at this link…

A Word in your ear. 

John 6:1-15 Jesus feeds the 5,000 (plus women & children).

  1. Sometime later, Yeshua (Jesus) went over to the far side of Lake Kinneret , 

(that is, Lake Galilee / or even Lake Tiberias as renamed by Emperor Tiberias)

2 and a large crowd followed him, because they had seen the miracles he had performed on the sick. 3 Yeshua went up into the hills and sat down there with his talmidim (disciples)

4 Now the Judean festival of Pesach (Passover) was coming up; 

5 so when Yeshua (Jesus) looked up and saw that a large crowd was approaching, he said to Philip, “Where will we be able to buy bread, so that these people can eat?” 

The people had followed Jesus to the other side of the Lake and back and would have already been hungry. As the Passover week was approaching (and therefore a ‘High Sabbath’,) no food could be made or sold, as that involved work. So, Jesus decided to feed them – out of necessity. (Cf the water into wine – considered by the host to be the best of all the wine – so imagine the taste of bread and fish made by Jesus here!)

6 (Now Yeshua [Jesus] said this to test Philip, for Yeshua [Jesus] himself knew what he was about to do.) 7 Philip answered, “Half a year’s wages wouldn’t buy enough bread for them — each one would get only a bite!” 

8 One of the talmidim, (disciples) Andrew the brother of Shim‘on Kefa, (Simon Peter) said to him, 9 “There’s a young fellow here who has five loaves of barley bread and two fish. But how far will they go among so many?”

10 Yeshua said, “Have the people sit down.” There was a lot of grass there, so they sat down. The number of men was about five thousand. 

So that’s 5,000 men plus their wives and children…

11 Then Yeshua took the loaves of bread, and, after making a b’rakhah, (giving thanks), gave to all who were sitting there, and likewise with the fish, as much as they wanted.

Jesus wanted someone somewhere to have enough faith to trust Him – on which to build – and in this case, it was the faith of a child – with the packed lunch which his mum had made for him.

12 After they had eaten their fill, he told his talmidim, (disciples) “Gather the leftover pieces, so that nothing gets wasted.” 

Waste not want not – the poor would have benefited from the left-overs 

13 They gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces from the five barley loaves left by those who had eaten.

Result? – The world’s first “food bank” for the poor.

14 When the people saw the miracle he had performed, they said, “This has to be ‘the prophet’ who is supposed to come into the world.”

The people were more spiritually aware than the religious leaders – the paid professionals! 

15 Yeshua (Jesus) knew that they were on the point of coming and seizing him, in order to make him king; so he went back to the hills again. This time he went by himself. (Complete Jewish Bible.)


Notice Jesus turned down the wishes of the people to anoint Him, King. 

The irony was of course that in reality, He actually was King by bloodline through Mary, (Luke 3), by legal right through Joseph (Matthew 1), and by Divine right – just because of who He really was, (John 1). But being King was not why He came to earth the first time. He had a job to do first, on His first coming.  His right and authority to rule and judge would come afterward ‘Plan A’ was put into effect.

Today’s Verse…

Who is Jesus?  John 6:14 

When the people saw the miracle he had performed, they said, “This has to be ‘the prophet’ who is supposed to come into the world.”

Today’s Challenge

The common people wanted to make Jesus King by force! (v.15). They had more common sense than the professional religious leaders, who wanted to kill Him.

But King Jesus came the first time to be the suffering servant so that when He comes as the rightful King to judge, some might be saved. See Acts 2:38… Will you be among them?

Worship and Prayer. 

“… He went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.” Matthew 14:23. 

Jesus taught His disciples what we call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’; (Luke 11). Listen here to Albert Malotte’s ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. 

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name, 

thy kingdom come, 

thy will be done, 

on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

And forgive us our debts, 

as we forgive our debtors. 

And lead us not into temptation, 

but deliver us from evil. 

For thine is the kingdom, 

and the power, and the glory, 

forever; Amen.


  1. The world. (ie ‘For those in authority.’)
  2. The ‘suffering church.’
  3. Your own situation. (Suggest ‘needs’ rather than ‘wants’.)

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